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Expatriate & Non-Resident Tax Services

Canadians leaving Canada or working outside Canada often draw the attention of tax authorities for further scrutiny. Our Expatriate Tax Services Group assists individuals by providing departure and entry tax consultations, income tax filings and comprehensive tax planning.


  • Individual Canadian Tax Return Preparation
    • Departure from Canada
    • Entry to Canada
  • Departure Tax counselling
  • Foreign Tax Credit review
  • Residency Review
  • Tax Treaty Review
  • Social Security Certificate of Coverage applications


  • Canadian Income Tax Return for Non-Resident Individuals with supporting schedules to report rental income (Section 216)
  • Canadian Income Tax and Benefit Return for Non-Residents and Deemed Residents of Canada (Section 115)
  • NR4 – Summary/ Supplementary(s) for Non-Resident withholdings
  • NR6 – Undertaking to File an Income Tax Return by a Non-Resident Receving Rent from Real or Immovable Property or Receving a Timber Royalty
  • NR75 Non-Resident Tax Remitter Registration
  • T2062 Request by a Non-Resident of Canada for a Certificate of Compliance Related to the Disposition of Taxable Canadian Property
  • T2091 (IND) Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence by an Individual
  • Regulation 105 – Waiver Application to the Canada Revenue Agency to obtain reduction in 15% income tax withholding
  • Tax Treaty Reviews